Relationships:No man is an island !!!

Is your relationship going down under?

Social problems following you everywhere you go?

Is he lying, cheating, or is convention weighing you down?

Do you need a little love in your life?

Wondering how to make friends?

First "date jitters" got the best of you?

Do you find yourself frequently asking yourself where s/he is, who with, doing what?

I know so many of us can relate to this. You crack your head over what you might be doing wrong. Every single occurrence has to have an explanation........ One simple but undeniable fact is that........

Relationships are never easy. In all essence they suck. We all want and desire to be loved. Wouldn”t it be great if we found the man/woman of our dreams, someone who agrees totally with everything we say and do?

But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. It is all so complicated, and you have told yourself this over and over again but you can make it work for you. You might be feeling like this.......dejected.

conflict is here to show you that you can get the best of that world you want. It is all so confusing and painful but you can make it work for you.

You might actually find that you are stressed out, have given up hope but read on, you will find one or two articles to cheer you up and change that sense of hopelessness to hope.

I am here to show you that you can be like this.......


Happy, surrounded by people who love and care for you. Not only romantically but each and every relationship is different. But we all want the same things. Despite differing culture, geographical location, religion........ we all want love and acceptance in our lives. We all want to feel we belong.... to get along with our co-workers....... form lasting friendship. We just want to be happy:)

Do you want to uncomplicate your relationships? You have come to the right place. That is what this site is all about. Finding out what it is that gets people down and my own perspective and a bit of advice on how you can make it work for you. Surf around, I try to take a look at all the different types of relationships.

You will find something for everyone. You can also share your stories with us on the your story page.

Although these connections are fundamental, they are not always smooth sailing because of the many written and unwritten rules that govern them.

Believe it or not many people out there are suffering from relationship problems. If you are interested in finding a solution to those blues, well you have come to the right place...

How do people respond to those different forces, be they natural or artificial? and how at the end they can be resolved.

Often the people around us help us to make sense of the world.... Each one of us as an individual relates differently to the world and from other"s experiences we learn how to merge our beliefs with other people"s views and perceptions of the world.

Because we are different individuals who need one another, different compromises have to be made so that it works........... Relationships are a two way street, each involved party has to play his part. Remove those blinkers from your eyes, step back and everything will fall into place.

Is it then safe to say that complications arise as a result of the various influences that come into play when trying to form these bonds? (for we cannot separate what we go through in life from the associations we form and how we react to them and each other.)

Do strains occur as a result of communication or the lack of it? Is the emotional bond we feel strong enough to overcome all feelings of unfamiliarity and disconnection , or do we sometimes just have to let go, difficult as that may be.

Are things really complicated or is it that sometimes we are the ones who complicate things?

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Family,sibling rivalry
Before we can form any relationship with the outside world the first connection we have is with our family;nuclear or through genealogy.Sibling rivalry brings tension in this relationship.

Adolescence can make you feel like you are an adult now with the abilities to make your own decisions.Slow down ,all in due course.

Most have experienced love,we all want it,and yet to some it is just an elusive dream.

Who should be dating? Important tips on what to do and what to avoid.

Once in a while we all need a friend.Someone who is there for us no matter what, whose friendship means the world to us.

After several years of dating you finally decide to tie the knot.But do you have an idea of what marriage entails?

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions one has to make in a relationship.There are so many issues to consider,the most important of which are the children.

Break up
People form bonds and relationships so they can be together.But sometimes they do break up and go separate ways.

Letting go
The only way we can ever form new and fulfilling relationship is by letting go of past hurt and pain.

Long Distance,Oceans apart!
Distance might not be a crucial factor to consider when weighing the possibility of a relationship,but long distance sure does take its toll on most relationships.

Healthy relationships
How to have healthy relationships.It takes a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end.

Relationship problems
Relationship problems are somewhat universal.Despite you coming from different social circles ,you will be surprised to see that there are some common relationship problems.

Abuse in relationships
Sometimes in relationships all is not as rosy as you would want it to be.Sometimes,there is abuse in relationships.

Self image
What is your self image like?Does that hinder the formation of new relationships?

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Is the grass really greener on the other side?What causes cheating?

Workplace relations
Is it really possible to keep workplace relations friendly and separate from personal life and relationships?

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