Relationships are not smooth sailing,sometimes there is abuse in relationships.How does that come about?

There are times in relationships when people take advantage of each other or their partners. Incidents of abuse and are on the rise world wide.

It can be physical, emotional or sexual. It is the intentional rendering of harm on another human being with the sole purpose of breaking their spirit or taking away their will to live.

Yet most people still stay in those relationships. As I have pointed out that society or convention plays a large part in how individuals will form or view relationships. That same society also plays a role on how a person will react to abuse in relationships.

A person will spend a lifetime in misery if it means that society will highly regard that person. It is time society stopped placing labels on people.

What is most disheartening is that it is the very people that we entrust our lives to, that turn against us and hurt us.

It then becomes very difficult to stand up and fight against abuse because we do not know who to trust.

Unfortunately overtime, most people who actually believe that it is their fault that they got taken advantage of . They have a low self esteem and believe that their actions triggered the harm that came their way.

Most people have stayed on in relationships because at first they thought it was a "once off thing". Truth is it never is. He will beat you up over a period of time and each time he apologises and you actually think he will change, but more often than not he does not.

In days gone by in my culture, most men were actually encouraged to beat up their wives if they felt that their spouses were not listening to them or giving them the respect they deserved. It was considered the manly thing to do, a way of showing ,"her who the boss is."

In the end, most women actually believed that by beaten up was a way of showing that they were loved. Just a quick question though. If you love someone will you send them to hospital with a broken arm, no eye or worse still fighting for their life???

I am glad to say that most people have changed their views on this issue. Needless to say there are still one or two individuals who will resort to this method of pointing out what they dislike and the sad thing is that their partners have no say over what happens.

It is not only married people who are affected. It affects everyone, children included. How can the very people who are meant to take care of these innocent souls, cause so much damage?There are lots of people who were tortured whilst they where still dating yet they still went on to marry that person.

This then makes us focus on some pertinent questions:

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