Adolescence:I am no longer a baby...

I am no longer a baby...How many times have you heard that or said that?Oh how you wish they would stop treating you like a child...but slow down,the transition into adolescence is anything but great.

Being an adolescent is tough.What,with all the raging hormones that you don"t understand and the parents breathing down your neck any chance they get.

The various changes your body is going through does not make it easier make it any easier.A look in the mirror and you begin to notice that you are different now,budding in all different places and some not so cool stuff happening to you

Most adolescents feel like they can do anything,and conquer the world.That is a nice philosophy and a way of looking at the world,only that it is misplaced.If only mum and dad could understand what you are going through,then they could give you breathing space.Only they do,but you do not realise it.They totally get you and have been through it all.You might think that things were different back in their era,they had no internet and all,but teenage problems remain the same.It is all about girls and boys testing their social relations.Remember they were teenagers before they became parents!

Give your parents a chance,you will be surprised at the fountain of knowledge they have.I guess the only problem is parents are too over protective because they have experienced it.They know what can happen with one simple mistake.One wrong turn and your life and dreams shatter before your very eyes

As parents there is need to conscientise teens about what the body changes they are going through mean and how easy it is to engage in teenage sex.You might roll your eyes and say you have heard it all before,but the reality is it is there and most teenagers fall prey,mainly due to peer pressure,seems all yourfriends are doing it,so might as well join the club.You are wrong...not everyone is doing it and just because they talk about it does not mean they are.But even if they are would you just engage so you can feel you are part of some artificial group of friends based on shaky foundation.

In short you have to know what you want in life.Do you intend to be led for the rest of your life?If you are doing it out of your own will,well that"s another thing

But are you entirely sure that it is now?Is this what you want with your life?Is the guy/girl the one?Engaging in sex at this time will lead to teenage pregnancy...Yes pregnancy.Are you ready for that?Are you ready to be a parent?Can you take care of the child?How can you,considering that you are still being looked after and have barely finished school?Its better to ask the questions before rather than after

But again sometimes it does happen,then what?It is not the end of the world.You might feel like it is.Everybody has sidelined you because you are the kid who got pregnant whilst in school.Chin up.It happened for a reason.It might not make sense now but maybe when you are older and wiser you will understand why it happened.

As for the parents,there is lots of finger pointing.the mum did not do her job well,after all she is the one educating the child,and anyway if anything bad happens with the kids,it is always the mothers fault.Stop with the blame games.It is not like the daughter had on some chastity pants and the mother unlocked the lock.Forge forward.

It happened it"s there what next?You are the adults,so handle it like adults.You are hurt and disappointed and expected more from your child,but this has taken place,support them.

If not properly handled,things can spiral out of control and lead to depression in your teen.And we definitely do not want that to happen,seeing depression is one of the many causes suicide and suicidal tendencies.

Besides teenage sex there are a variety of other issues going on with the adolescent like eating disorders,substance or drug use.All these issues arise as a result of trying to fit in.

Teenagers are very self conscious and although the rift that happens with the parents is temporary,sometimes the way it is handled can damage this relationship for life.

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