Broken heart.I do not understand the sharp pain I am feeling at the bottom of my heart

The heart is the most fragile organ I have ever seen.The sad thing is that it is constantly under pressure. I am sure having to deal with all those stresses and issues does come with a price.

You might have broken up,or your partner has lied/betrayed you.Then comes all the empiness you feel inside you. The hollowness that seems to occupy the space where your heart used to be.Yes, those feelings,that is the feeling of a broken heart.It is completely normal and it will pass.

What we feel comes from deep within us,our heart.To have someone toy with your emotions can cause that heart to just fall apart(yes to literally break). Unfortunately it is not just relationships that are broken but trust in humanity as a whole.

We do not choose who we fall in love with.People always walk into our lives without us anticipating it. The only thing is we have to anticipate them leaving,but we never do.We have to anticipate them hurting us,but again we never do.

The heart can only take so much pain.Although you can pick yourself up and move on after a broken heart,all it takes is one simple lie to have it break again. Despite all that is said and done,that kind of wound is hard to heal.

Your bad experiences in relationships will affect how you form new relationships and what you perceive to be people"s motives in forming those relationships with you.

It becomes hard to know who to trust and who will not let us down.But if you live your life with the constant fear of being hurt you never will truly experience the meaning of life and love.

After all life is all about falling and learning to pick yourself up.There is life after a broken heart. There might be people along the way who can help you stand again. All you got to do is believe. It might feel like the end of the world but it is not.With time you do learn to trust again and let go of the hurt you are feeling so you can embrace new relationships.

You might even feel like crying,venting,shopping,binging.Do whatever works for you.Although all the things mentioned will not change the sense of loss and helplessness you feel,although they will not make your problem go away,it makes the pain you are feeling a reality. This in turn will make you want to get rid of the pain and dejection you are feeling.You do feel better afterwards.All you got to do is know when to stop.

Remember not to let things go out of hand.You only hurt yourself more.

It is during one of these these times that your friends help you out.Talk to someone.Talking helps...a lot.You will be surprised how much better you feel afterwards.

Do not judge a society by one bad man in it .Although your past will always be your referral book,learn to know that people are different.

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