Relationships remain stagnant if there are any commitment issues.

In order for any relationship to work there has to be a certain level of commitment in that relationship.You cannot just say you love someone and expect it all to work.

You have to be committed to making it work.You have to be willing to put aside your commitment issues and give everything you have.

We always realise this but crazy enough most relationships fall apart because commitment issues.With the word commitment people fathom some huge insurmountable task that they cannot go through with,but they were committed before the word became pronounced.

Why then is commitment an issue when you have been doing it all along?The level of commitment is different with each stage and type of relationship.

Newly dating couples rarely even think about it .For them it is a matter of testing the waters and hence no level of commitment is expected.

But with time and as you spend more time together,it then becomes apparent that you have to be committed to one person and yet people still fail to accept that as part of the blooming phase of a relationship.

The more you mention the whole notion of being together forever the more some people grow apart.Why are people so afraid of commitment?What is it that they fear most?

In my opinion commitment brings with it a lot of responsibility and of all the fears I think this is what people fear most.To be responsible for another human being"s life is such a big responsibility itself(pardon the pun)

Then comes the fear of the unknown,fear that if people tie themselves to one person they will be hurt.Either due to past experience or from what they have seen around.

And I dont know how people do it,but apparently once people commit their lives to one another things spiral downwards,but it does not have to be that way.You cannot live your life in constant fear and thinking, "What if I get hurt?" What if you don"t get hurt?

Relationships are all about taking chances.About wanting something and standing by it no matter the circumstance.

The biggest problem is that nowadays commitment comes with a clause,a conditional clause.Too many relationships are being too conditional and hence the whole essence of that relationship will be lost.Does it then surprise us that many people have commitment issues?

Couples are failing to commit in the unions they make,for instance, marriage that is why we have so many cases of pople being unfaithful to their spouses.People fail to be content with what they have and hence look elsewhere in the hope they will be satisfied,but this is rarely ever the case.

We always make promises we cannot keep.Relationships require commitment and that commitment entails some vows that are made.

  • "I will be there for you."
  • "I will never let you down."
  • "I will never break your heart."
  • I will love you forever."

Simple words that are being said but they hold volumes.They have the power to break or make someone.If you ever say any of the above things is it because you mean it or is it a wy to get what you want.?

Before you can even commit to a relationship,you need to ask yourself what you want from that relationship.Is it gong to be a long term relationship or are you just whiling up time.Whatever your reason for being in that relationship,you need to realise that there are two people involved.If it is some kind of game,then someone will get hurt.

What do you have to offer the other person concerned.If you cannot offer anything at all,then the best thing is not be in that relationship.

Promises and vows are a two way thingYou cannot say "my wife/girfriend is totally committed to making this work and so it will work"What about you ,are you also willing to make this work.

You have to give your all,and not I am kind of committed.If you expect anything out of it you have to be a 100% in it.

If you cannot keep a promise then why make that promise in the first place .If you have commitment issues then make no promises that you cannot keep.First you have to deal with your problems
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