Are we dating or is this courtship??

Should s/he become my boyfriend/girlfriend?Do you just want to hang out?

I wish I knew what to do.I wish I could understand what we are.Are we in a relationship or are we merely hanging out?Are we going to spend more time doing this or is it just a one off thing?Are we going out just for tonight or are we dating now?Like in a relationship...

It is all so confusing.What is your definition?Any rules come to mind?I have come to realise that one of the many things complicating relationships is the diversity that comes with the what people perceive to be a relationship and how people go about forming those relationships.

Dating in some cultures means the whole idea of asking out the person you think you fancy for a drink,dinner,movie or an outing.Just a one off thing and you will see from how that progresses whether to form some sort of relationship or there are no strings attached.

In this case one can get to know lots of people within a short space of time whilst making up their mind about who they are most compatible with.

Courtship on the other hand is seen as professing your love for a girl whom you want to marry.She can relent after maybe a week,month,year,depending on the person,you become a couple and then you start going out as a confirmation of a relationship.

There are many conventional ways of going about it, like over the phone or face to face and some not so conventional methods like over the internet/on-line dating. Over the years there has been a craze over the internet but it does not come without dangers.

So seeing the different ideas that come to peoples minds when talking about this issue,the best way to clarify whether any relationship exists is by having the people involved point out what it is they want. Return to Relationships are complicated