Should I go through with this divorce?

The seven letter word that spells horror for most families.The taboo word that no one would want to talk about and yet in most marriages it is there looming in the background.

What will my friends say?What will happen to my children?Am I doing the right thing?

So many questions,but the only person who can adequately answer that is you.For you to be considering this option, you obviously have thought about it for a while.

People do not just wake up one day and decide to call it quits.Years of realising that your relationship has failed are taken into consideration.

It certainly takes a lot of guts.I mean standing up and defying what society has stipulated for you ,that truly should be applauded.

The sad facts though are that divorce does not only affect a couple but also if they are any children in a marriage theymight feel unloved and feel like it is all their fault that their parents are fighting all the time.

How the two of you react towards each other will affect your child for the rest of their life.Ultimately that will shape the person they are and what they think are relationships.

In my culture divorce is never an option.You are educated about this from a very tender age and told that is what marriage is about,Marriage is full of ups and down ,so you are told to put a smile on your face and soldier on.

But if it sucks all the time do you soldier on?That does not sound like a relationship with love in it.This implies you just have to be strong and hang on.

You are constantly told to think of your chidren before you make any drastic decisions,but I bet you if those children could make a decision on whether you stay together or go separate ways, they would choose the latter.

Staying for the children is a noble idea but at the end it will make you resent your own children and blame them for your mishaps.

If you want to stay do so,but do not say it is for the children.No child wants to grow up having this idealised memory in theirheads of how perfect everything is only to realise that their parents" marriage was a sham.

That is sad and heartbreaking.

Despite parents having the best intentions for their child,when they do call it quits,the whole child"s world crumbles before them.

The only thing you can do is tell them it is not their fault.

For someone to be considering divorce they must be convinced that they gave it their all,but it did not work.It is always a last resort.

It is sad though to see so many marriages fall apart.What are the main problems giving rise to this?

Even after years of enduring bad events at the hand of their partners,many women are afraid of even considering leaving their marriages because of the various labels that societyhas thrown on divorcee women.

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