Do not let your ego drive your relationship to its" peril

According to the Encarta Dictionaries,


refers to:

an inflated opinion of self

I will use the two meanings interchangeably in this article about pride and your relationship.

Almost always,we always want other people to acknowledge ourviews on issues as the most appropriate or correct views.We do not realise that other people"s views are equally as important.

The first step in mending or creating any relationship is in accepting the fact that people will always hold different opinions to us.That does not make their opinions inferior to ours or does it show how smart we are.

It is said pride comes before a fall.In order to make things work in any relationship you need to humble yourself and realise that there are now two minds at work.

Do not let your ego get in the way of acknowledging your mistakes.In an arguement most people do not know when to stop because they let their egos get in the way of reason.

Subconciously both of you are saying "how could s/he do that to me?Well s/he has done it to the wrong person.If s/he seriously thinks that I am going to apologise or even bring up the issue,she has another thing coming." Seriously..........Are you in a relationship or merely playing house?That little voice that you just heard in your subconscious,is the voice of ego.Who are you "fixing" by failing to adress the problem at hand?

That is exactly what that inner voice does to you.It makes you believe that you are too good to apologise.It makes you believe that most problems that arise are not your fault,but rather you partners" fault.If you are too stubborn to know when to stop you will never solve anything.

The whole beauty of apologising is quite amazing when you are able to look past your bruised ego and notice that maybe you did let things spiral out of control. Do not be too proud to bring up the problem at hand.

Do not wait for your partner to bring up the subject because I guarantee you that that will be the longest wait of your life.Look past your pride,aproach your partner and nicelyenquire about what is going on.

If you have to,shoulder all the blame.Even when you know that all these rocky climbs are as a result of your hot headed partner who does not know when to back down.

You will be surprised how a few minutes later you will be laughing about the whole issue and will have moved on.

Three simple words "I AM SORRY",but with such a profound meaning.They do not just show that you are the wrong party in this altercation,but actually indicate the willingness on your part to move forward and put the past behind.And they take so much effort.Not many of us are able to say them and mean it.

However more often than not people just say that to avoid further confrontation,which in actual fact solves nothing.If you are saying sorry,make sure you mean it.

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