Family; Blood is thicker than water...

The family is the first base of all the relationships we form. It is the first group that an individual comes in contact with, and it's role is to socialise the individual; to regulate an individuals' demeanour and conduct, whilst at the same time teaching him about the different cultural and religious values and expectations that society has.

So in short it is the foundation on which who we are,morally,socially andemotionally is formed.Thus constituting a support system for an individual.

An individual then gets a sense of belonging and validation of who they are and their role, not only in that unit or society, but in the world as a whole. For it to function well,there are rules and regulations that evolve around the structure.

Is it only the nuclear, extended, or even the family we choose for ourselves?

It does not really matter whether you are related by blood because there are many instances whereby you actually know that you can depend on people you are not even related to. They care for you and are concerned for you like you are their own flesh and blood.

So is it really important to draw a line and say that just because there are no genetic affiliations then those people do not mean anything.

Each person has a role to play and sometimes if those roles are not clear, this structure can be threatened.

It is important to spend quality time with important people in your life. The more you spend time with them , the closer you become. And most importantly the more you are able to handle life's hurdles as a unit.

For this time only,we will focus on the parents and the children.

Families understand each other in a way that is different to all the other relationships that exist. You might get on each others nerves. Maybe sometimes you are not even able to spend the entire day in each others company, but at the end of the day most people in the world would not change their familes. The bond created is strong.

It is then important to look at the various relationships that are present at this stage.

  • Parent/child
  • Siblings
  • Father/mother
  • Extended family

All families are not without scuffles! Although these members share the same genealogy they are different individuals with different and unique perceptions of the world. What then are some of the issues that can complicate relationships? Also how parents deal with their teenage children will also impact greatly on the nature of their relationship. If these problems are not adressed the unit and its members do not function well...

Despite the amount of time you can spend together, things can get out of hand. How then do you address these issues?

  • Tensions among siblings can and do usually lead to Sibling rivalry.
  • When is the proper time to instill discipine in the family and who should do it?
  • What role does the extended families play in this equation?
  • What are the duties expected of each member ?
  • Discipline and abuse....Is there a fine line?
  • Financial issues in the home...What role does money have in the running of your family, does money then become a substitute for your presence.

Often as members we are too preoccupied with our individual needs that we forget that we are part of a larger group[ and thus become selfish. We then tend think that our needs are most important and should come before everyone elses needs.

The more open and trusting the head of the family is, the easier it is to get along and really get a feel of what is going on in the family. More often parents disregard communicating with their younger children because they feel that they might not be able to understand what is going on. It is important to communicate whatever issues are present even when you feel that no one understands.

Because even though they might not understand they will try to give you the support you need.

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