Friendship.I will be there.

Remember how easy it is to get along say you are in kindergarten or preschool.With no care in the world,you all sort of just clicked.

We all need extra support and love.When you are low and your world has turned upside down,they cheer you up.They are there for you no matter what.

And most of the time,they do know us more than our family does.In a way they are also our family.

You might not realise it but look at your friends right now.Sometimes you might wonder how it is that you click so well.But you are a lot more alike than you thought.

Would you like to be urged on when you are about to jump off a cliff,or would you much rather have someone who told youthat you are taking it too far?That is where they come in.They are our voice of reason.

They will always tell you the truth no matter what. And the nice thing is that honesty will not ruin your relationship. It will make you closer than before. But one question always comes up in this relationship. Should friends have boundaries?You can actually share your story.Click here

The surprising thing is they always know what you need and when you need it,an ear ,a shoulder to cry on,a good dose of humour or just someone to hang out with.

And if you just want to vent,they let you.They are good listeners,that is what is so special about them.

When you need someone to confide in we know we do not have to worry at all because they are there.

And the best thing is that they accept you just the way you are.They do not try to change you.

Sometimes however,people just grow apart through no fault of either party.They just go separate ways and that happens to the best of us.You just wake up one day and realise that you no longer like the same things.Such is life!

Or is it.Do people really just grow apart or it is a question of giving up on one another.People fail to keep in touch and thus grow apart.

Both parties fail to put the input that made the relationship work in the first place.There are so many reasons why people grow apart and without any effort from both parties,nothing works.

For almost all relationships to work,the element of friendship has to be existent.It is through that,that people realise that they have much in common.

So then how do you form these relationships?Actually the whole notion of this relationship has made me think of the much talked about friends with benefits.Is there such a thing?

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