I am afraid of letting go of all the anger and resentment I feel and therefore cannot form new relationships.

The first step in letting go of past hurts and regrets is in accepting that it did not work and it wasn"t your fault.We have all at some point been hurt to such an extent that we never imagined that we could live past that.

Having your heart broken can devastate you and rob you of the will to form new relationships but you cannot let that get to you. The wonderful thing about us human beings is that we have a short attention span. Oh, how easily we forget! This can either lead to ruin or be good for us.

In this instance I will take it as being good for us. The only way to forge ahead and move towards a new relationship even after years of failed relationships is because we are willing to forget and keep trying. We are a headstrong bunch.

We will not stop till we get the desired result and often we do. We need to just let it all go. Constantly reminding ourselves of the humiliationand degradation we felt as a result of someone hurting us only serves to hurt us more.

We cannot keep on holding on to things that do not add value to our lives. "Once upon a time we were so great together.How did it come to this?" The key words here are we were, and that is exactly what it is the past. You cannot relive the past but you can learn from your mistakes.

If you are able to work past whatever it is that tore you apart in the first place, great. After all you can always redefine what you thought you had lost.

If not , well that is where this site comes in. You need to know when to cut your losses and move on. It hurts real bad and it will hurt for a while but be careful of letting life passyou by when you are too busy trying to figure out what went wrong with your relationship.

Too often we blame ourselves for things that we really had no control over. We tell ourselves that if maybe we had done things differently it would be a different story.Well maybe, but you said it yourself ,it would just be that, a different story.

We have to let go of all the pain and hurt. You will realise later on that it worked out for the best. It never would have worked anyway. And the first step in letting go is forgiveness.

You have to chose whether you want to stay down and out forever or whether you are willing to give it a short. Ultimately letting go is not a sign you are a weakling it is a sign you are a survivor and you will get past this.

You are really amazing and worth more than you can ever realise , and if your partner never appreciated that ,will that is his/her loss. Do not allow him/her to feel the satisfaction that your very existence has crumbled with him/her walking out the door. Pick yourself up and start taking baby steps, before you know it you are running again and voilĂ  have surprisingly found a new relationship.

You might have made a mistake. It might all be your fault, but it was after all a mistake. The beauty in mistakes is that they are meant to be our learning point. Learn from those mistakes and move forward. Sometimes in life you just have to step back for a while take in what is before you and start moving again. If you stay fixated for too long at the same point, nothing happens, you are just there. You cannot expect to erase every trace that they were ever in your life.

Once upon a time they were a part of your life, thinking you will get rid of their existence is only fixating on the wrong issues. It will hurt for a while but the good thing is one day you will wake up and not feel it anymore.

Remember you are letting go, so constantly emailing, texting your ex is definitely not the way to go about it. Occupy yourself and do things that you enjoy.Most importantly give yourself time. Time to heal.

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