How often have you thought you had solid relationships only to find that it has all been lies?Read on ,find out why people lie

People are the most cunning creatures I know.People often tell lies to get their own way or what they desire most in relationships.You have been lied to over and over again .You actually have lied yourself a couple of times.But why do people tell lies?Is lying instinctive or do you actually plan to lie.

Sometimes you cannot control yourself from lying.Say you have done something horrible ,like cheat,you feel bad about it.You know the right thing to do would be to sit down with your partner and tell them what happened.You have even found yourself practising how it is supposed to come out.You have been going over it in your head how to make things right and come clean.

Lies only make your partner question the whole relationship and whether it is not a lie also.

You approach you other half and inform them that there is something you need to talk about.The time has come.You sit down ,look into their eyes and bail out.Yes bail out.You take the easy way out.You lie to their face and tell them that it was nothing you wanted to talk about.

A look of relief across your partners face but you are torn in two.The right thing would have been honesty,but you took the cowards way out.You tookthe way that you knew would have less explanations and complications.

Imagine telling them the truth,having to explain why you did it and all.Quite noble hey?Not in the least bit.Lying is far from noble.

Funny thing is depite knowing that lying will come to no good we still do.Evaluate your life for a minute,how often have you lied all in the name of its all for the best.

"I only did it to protect you.I did not want you to get hurt."Oh really now,how considerate of you!Funny you didn"t think about it before acting the way you did.

Honestly people are just plain weird.How can they think of hurting you after going on and doing the very thing that they knew would hurt you.I figure the noble thing to dois to come clean so just go ahead and do it.It is even better coming from you rather than from someone else.Ultimately inspite of them not telling you the truth,you willstill find out.

You are only serving your own interest by lying and protecting yourself in this relationship.

Most people lie by ommission.You figure just because you chose not to say anything,then you did not exactly lie.You are wrong it is still lying.The fact that you chose not to say anythingis proof enough that you could have told the truth but did not do so due to choice.

We often comfort ourselves and say what you do not knw will not hurt you.Yes it won"t for the time that you do not know about it but the instant you find out you have been lied to,you are devastated.

Other times after coming clean your partner might even say "you should have lied to me than tell me the truth"That is just denial talking.If you have manned up and told the truth you are saluted for that for it is the right thing to do in relationships.Telling lies will get youno nearer to beng trusted.
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