All relationships need communication and one of the many ways to effectively do that is through listening.

Listening is the key for effective communication in any relationship.It is actually the basis on which a relationship will blossom or fail.

Often people fail to implement this simple but rather crucial step ,that is why there is a lot of conflict in relationships.

There are also times when we are there but do not hear anything?I am sure most of us can relate to this,we will be there physically and all,but our thoughts are just elsewhere.Is it that we do not care,or just a matter of simply wandering off? Whatever the case might be ,this is no way to pay attention to anyone for that matter.

Listening implies ,no by simply using the word implies then I am saying what it is no rather than focusing on what it is.It entails that you are there,no comments,no interruptions;for a while you are just required to keep quiet.........

Yes as arduous as that task might seem,that is what it entails.I am sure I speak for most of us whe I say that is an extremely difficult thing.We all love to hear ourselves talk,but for a moment resist that urge.

Sometimes we fail to recognise that there are instances when our input just is not needed.All that is expected of us to be there.In a sense that is what being there is all about.Your presence,not the words that you said,but just being there.

Let your child talk to you.Let your partner tell you his/her frustrations.Let your friend vent to you.What is it that is bothering your co-worker/neighbour?For a moment JUST STOP,IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

Often we feel obliged to give our advice on various issues,our invaluable input on how we woul deal wth such situations but sometimes that is not even required of us.

What the people in our lives need once in a while is someone to tell their hurts,disappointments,frustations and even their joys.

Now you might be wondering why nobody ever talks to you.Maybe you are not a good listener!!!

Remember it"s no talking,no advice required,just your presence and attention that will make all the difference.If you do not show you are interested then you should never expect anyone to talk to you.

Difficult as it might seem,it is possible.Remember it is not about you at this present moment,unless of course you are the one doing the talking.

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