Long Distance:It is hard being together all the time,but being apart is horrible.I need to bridge that gap.

If being close to each other all the while does nothing to ease the tensions in a relationship,imagine how it is being far apart.

What, with all the insecurities and jealousies that come with a relationship, long distance only serves to widen the gap between a couple.This is especially so if there are already some issues looming in your relationship.

Proximity enables the two of you to focus on your problems and deal with them.

Long distance on the other hand leads to procrastination.There is a delayed reaction to problems because you figure you can always deal with it another day.You constantly push issues at the back of your mind,not because they are not important but you tell yourself that it cannot be that bad and the delaying continues.

How couples deal with their problems when they are further apart is also different compared to when they always see each other.

Blame on communication breakdown is always cast on some external factors that are always beyond one"s reach,even when it is completely false.Most couples manipulatetheir partners just to get off being "under interrogation".

Priorities tend to be mixed up when living apart.People want to have their cake and eat it too.Most people want to be both attached and single.And we all know that,that is impossible.

The feeling of beeing single and unattached can be quite tempting.Subconciously you push your relationship at the back of your mind and focus on other things.This in turn makes you undervalue your relationship.

Being lonely can bring about feelings of emptiness and without realising it you are flirting more and going out more often to rid yoursef oof the emptiness you feel.But in so doing you open doors to temptation and find yourself cheating on your partner.

Do not get me wrong,not all people who are living apart cheat but that does not remove the temptation to do so.If you can bridge the gap between you and your partner do so,that will save your relationship.

I guess the main problem is not the cheating part,for I know there are many people out there living apart and not cheating.The issue then lies with communication.

It is nice to know you are on the same page.The strain caused by living apart can take its toll on your relationship,and before you know it you are strangers.with nothing to talk about.

Ultimately being together is just that,"being together" not being together despite the distance.Make that distance shorter(literally that is)but again if you cannotbe together that does not necesarily mean the end.

Work towards meeting each other half way.You will be surprised to find out how you can make this work.
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