Love yourself and others will too.Only then will you be able to have great relationships

Before you can start forming any meaningful relationships it all has to start with you.Do you think you are worth something? You can only find love and great relationships if you are able to love yourself and accept who you are.

If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin how do you honestly expect somebody else to like what they see.So you see, you are what you think.

We have spent so much time in thinking that we do not deserve to be or even get the best hence we always settle for second best or to be second best.Tell yourself you are the best and you deserve the best too.Do not merely tell yoursel that and expect it to change your life.You have to mean it and be convinced that it is true.

That is where all the difference lies,in truly believing that you deserve the best.You are different,you might not be tall,slim,curvaceous,have a six pack,or even turn headsfor that matter,but all that physical beauty means nothing if you do not love yourself.

You think you cannot make heads turn.Oh how wrong you are.When I was younger I used to love this quote.I still do,and it works too

smile and make the world wonder what you are up to

It actually works.Ever noticed how when you smile often ,people think you are up to something.Even when everything is awry and dreary,a smile will uplift your soul,and it will change people"s perceptions of you.

Where previously you were viewed as plain or uninteresting,you suddenly become mysterious.They really cannot put a finger tothat quality about you but they do notice it is there.

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wishing you can look like some Hollywood star,you have to accept yourself.It is only then that other people are willingto embrace you and even give you a seconds thought.

And if they do not,that is their loss.If someone cannot accept you for who you are,they are not worth dreaming of or wishing for.There is only one you and you wereuniquely made so accept that.

We all cannot look like Hollywood stars but it is not so much about looking like them than feeling great about your life.If you feel like a million bucks you will look like a million bucks.Because you have told yourself you are worth a lot and act like it people will accept you for that.

For over decades we have let other people define for us who we are.You have to define for them who you are,and either they accept you or they do not.If they do notdo not sulk,maybe you have spent your whole life asking the wrong people to accept you.

Eventually you will find someone who appreciates you just the way you are.There has been too much emphasis on physical beauty that most people are resorting to other drastic means to change their appearance and feel more comfortable.The sad thing is they never do.

Through years and years of getting botox injections,they wake up one day and regret the decisions they made in their lives.Life and relationships have not been easier just because they changed their physical appearance for someone.

If you are changing for your own personal satisfaction,great.Always remember that you have to love yourself.You deserve everything good that life has to offer.It all begins with you!!!

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