Amazing Love

Love is amazing.Of all the emotions we can ever feel this is the one that leaves us in awe and speechless.Think to yourself for a minute.

How often have you used that word?

Are you soul-mates?

Did you mean it or was it some sick twisted ploy to get what you want?

What about your parents?What is it that you feel for your friends?

What makes you more inclined to enjoy someone"s company?

Do you enjoy spending time with them because you have absolutely no feelings towards them.??

The bond between a mother and a child.......?Well???

It is clear that at one point or another you have come across the word or even experienced it.

All relationships need a good dose of affection inorder to function well.

How then do you know that it is there?.I think the most simplest way to do this is look at your relationship,are you friends, family co-workers,husband and wife,colleagues.It is only after careful evaluation of the relationship you have that you can tell the degree of fondness that exists.But even after all this,do you know where to draw the line?

For instance in my culture although you have affection for your family and friends,you rarely express that all the time.It"s like because you are friends with them,then they should knowthat you do care about them.It then becomes questionable why someone would occasionally tell your partner that they harbour some feelings towards them.

Often we take people for granted.We always want more or expect more.Do you feel butterflies in your tummy when you see him/her?Are there any sparks when you touch?

We always search high and low for that most amazing feeling and sometimes if you do not feel butterflies in your tummy for one day,you conclude that it is not there.Occasionally you might feel those things,but if you don"t feel that for a day does it mean that you are doomed and are not soul-mates?

Do you throw away a lifetime of wonderful times because occasionally it just was not there for you?We have been influenced so much by what we see on movies that in the end we question our own feelings and relationships.

We start thinking of how it was all amazing and magical in that movie and wonder how that never happens to us.The funny thing is that it does,but often we do not notice.Most of the views we see in movies are idealised.Just another Cinderella story.We expect the happily ever after but not the joys and tribulationsof it all.It is never easy.Remember most movies are an imagination of what life is and what it could be.

Do you break up just because he did not offer you the last bite of his meal?It takes up more than the last bite to make any relationship work.Essentially love is the driving force of all relationships.It requires that you work hard....,work you might ask.But I am not talking about some dreaded obligation that you have to fulfil I am just talking about input from both parties.

What if they do not reciprocate the feeling?One of my lecturers" once pointed out maybe people are just crazy about the idea of being in love."Maybe he was right.Nobody wants to be miserable and lonely and in the end we would rather lie to ourselves than face the truth.

If you both feel it, is that enough?All I know is that love is not selfish.Such a fundamental emotion ,yet people often do crazy things all in the name of this powerful emotion.Is it possible to feel love and hatred at the same time??(well maybe hate is too strong a word,dislike).

This then brings us to the most commonly asked question.Does love hurt?

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