Here are some of the common relationship problems that you might encounter.

Two different individuals trying to make things work.That really has to be tough.No matter who you are and which part of the world or social circle you come from,you will be surprised to see that there are some common relationship problems.These relationship problems threaten to shake the very bonds that you have formed.

You might think that your issues are only particular to you. is here to show you that you are not alone.

No matter the social circle you might think you belong to or whichever part of the world you are from. Rich or not so rich,popular or not so popular you will be surprised tofind how much in common you have.

We all form relationships with the idea that those relationships are the right place for us to be,but sometimes it does not feel that way.Take a seat back relaxand read about some of the most common relationship problems.It does not matter whether you are in a relationship or are trying to form one.Some of the major relationship problems that affect us are:

  • Acceptance.You are a weirdo,or you feel like you have some weird mannerisms and habits.You take one look at yourself and you wonder if someone will love you for whoyou are.Being accepted and feeling like you belong is important.But before you expect other people to accept you,Do you accept who you are?

  • Insecurity.How often have you asked yourself whether you really deserve to be in arelationship you are in now?No matter the circumstance,most people always think that they are not good enough.You wonder why s/he could even love you at all considering you are boring and plain.Funny thing is you are not but you never realise itbecause you always assume your partner is thinking of "the grass that is greener on the other side"
  • Cheating.Since time immemorial,this has been one of the major causes of friction in a relationship.You have been cheated on for longer than you can remember?Why do people cheat anyway.It is just crazy seeing all the effort they put in forming a relationship with you,only to go behind your back and cheat on you.
  • Trust or the lack of itRelationships are about two individuals who want to have a satisfying life.In order for any of that to happen,trust has to be at the core of your values.Why then does trust become an issue?
  • Gossip.So much influence has been from outside parties in a relationship.Basically gossip is talkingabout someone behind their back.Is what you heard the truth or is it mere gossip?How do you react to what you have heard about your partner
  • Lies.Often people choose to deceive us and tell lies to our face.It is all some bigger plan in"protecting us".But really who are you protecting by nottelling me something you did?
  • Boundaries.There is need to define your boundaries so as to be happy and minimise the number of problems that come crawling at your door.
  • Failure to communicate.We always assume that people get us and what we do not like just by looking at us .Too often people do not say what they expect in relationships because it is kind of "obvious".This is when all the problems start to surface.
  • Commitment Issues.You feel you are not ready for this,even when it is all you have been waiting your whole life for
  • Being taken for granted.Every one once in a while need to feel appreciated.Show some appreciation
  • Abuse.Are things ever going to change?Is this abuse or it is just a once off thing?
  • Am I too young.What is the right age to be in a relationship?

Looking at some of the issues pointed out here,if you work on these,you work towards a healthy successful relationship.It is like they are two sides of the same coin.If lack of communication is the problem,then to resolve that problem you need to communicate.But that is another issue for another day.You need to effectively pinpoint your problem so you can solve it.
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