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Taken for granted?How can you work towards a better relationship.

A loving relationship is what we all yearn for.But there are times when you can feel like that love does not exist in your relationship.You suddenly feel like you are being taken for granted.

Sometimes we want something so much that we feel like we cannot do without it,but once we get it,it is just another meaningless relationship.Everything we valued,we have taken for granted.How can someone tell you that you mean the world to them,and one minute later act like they sure can do without you?

  • "I should have told him/her that I love him/her."
  • "I should have speent more time with him."

How often have you even said these things or even thought them.Too often we get caught up in things that we feel are important in our lives like our work and fail to appreciate the really important things which are our relationships.With time our relationships have been taken for granted.We always assume that things will always remain the way they are because we lack oversight.

It surely feels like a stranger takes over and things just become different.Often we even fail to realise it till it is too late.You sort of slip into the whole"I do not really need to tell him I love him,after all s/he knows"But despite knowing,hearing it often from your lips make all the difference.It actually makes it more meaningful and worthwhile.

So do not assume that because you are together then it should be quite obvious to your partner that you love them.Say it,and say it often.It will uplift their spirit and make them fell special.

Pamper your partner.Make them feel like they are the only one for you,and mean it.

Give them a break from daily chores to enjoy some alone tme watching movies or absorbed in a book.Everyone needs to relax once in a while.Show her that you appreciate her efforts around the house and would like her to relax.

Things brings us to appreciation.A simple thank you will suffice.Just because she is your wife does not make it your right not to say thank you.Same goes for the fact that he is your husband then you do not have to say thank you.Make her/him feel that you are not taking him/her for granted.

A little appreciation goes a long way and should start with the two words,"thank you"

Pay him/her comliments.Tell them they look absolutely stunning.Do not just look at him/her,think it and keep quiet.S/he needs to know it too,so make him/her feel good about it.

Often we take our partners or granted and assume that what we get out of that particular relationship is our right,hence there is no need to show affection or appreciation.

A show of gratitude and appreciation will strengthen your realtionship and make you fall deeper in love.Spent time together and rekindle the romance.

Sad thing is that it is not only couples,married,or dating who take each other for granted.Even families fall victim to this.We spend too much time nursing old wounds or grudges and fail to realise that life is too short.

We take for granted the little time we have on this earth,only to realise when it is too late.Make time for the loved ones in your life and show them what they mean to you.Remember there comes a point a time when you cannot rectify all the time that you have taken for granted.
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