Break up.How could something that felt so right end terribly?

Everything seemed so perfect.You were so much in love,and could not imagine the prospect of being apart for just a single day.

Life meant nothing at all if you could not be together.All you ever wanted was to be happy,in love ,forever....But that was not to be.You do not understand how you got to this place.Sadly enough,this is where you are at.

Remember the joy you felt at being together.Now you cannot even stand one another.

Things always happen for a reason...right?So what is the reason why you are hurting now?What is the reason for this break up?It just does not make sense.You thought everything was perfect .Turns out you were wrong.And now here you are,wondering what you did wrong.

But that"s just it...sometimes people break up for no apparent reason at all!!!!In these instances there still is a chance to mend your relationship

It hurts real bad.You feel your heart literally break into a million pieces.If only you could make sense of it all,but you cannot.Often people toy with our emotions and expect us to come from those relationships unscathed.

Maybe if you had gotten into this relationship with your eyes wide open,you would not be at this place right now.The reality about relationships is that no matter how careful you might think you are you later realise that you gave it your all.

After all that is the only way you can ever experience true happiness.Although it hurts to wake up one day and realise within a blink of an eye that what you thought you had was an illusion,you turn out to be a better party in this.

How could this be?All the time s/he was lying and manipulating you?And you never noticed.?Yes,it completely escaped you.

Do not wallow in self pity.You deserve to be happy.It is sad that you have been hurt and for a while you might think that it is the end of the world,but remember YOU are YOUR thoughts.Only you have the power to make yourself happy

Never let others determine your happiness for you.

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