Self image is important when it comes to forming relationships or even maintaining already existent ones.

Before you can even form any meaningful relationship with other people,you need to have a clear picture or image of what and who you are.What is your self image?

Self image is very important. Do you think you deserve to be happy?Do you think you will make a difference in someone's life?If someone were to come face to face with you for even the shortest while possible,will you leave a positive mark in their life?

I have come to realise that all these questions are important if you are to have any distinctive self image.You need to assess what qualities you have that add value to people"s lives.

However since we are talking about people here,there is a down side that you have to be willing to accept.......NOT EVERYONE WILL SEE THE VALUE IN YOU. You can take that as a crushing defeat and wallow in self pity or you can simply shrug it off and declare IT IS THEIR LOSS.For it is indeed their loss because they did not give you or themselves a chance to get to know you.

If you think highly of yourself,people will also view you in the same light. The common mistake is that in most cases people fail to think they are worth a lot and become downright pompous or curt. It really is all complicated because in all essence people just have a problem of always assuming. Anyway what I do mean is that if you want great things,then believe you deserve great things....... that is a great attitude,that will determine whether you have a great relationship or simply a relationship.

Too often people have led miserable lives because they always think that maybe they are meant to be miserable........You are wrong NOBODY deserves to be in constant pain.You are worth all the good things life can throw your way.

The very first step in creating a positive self image is by getting rid of all the negative thoughts and attitudes do not be hard on yourself.Your life will be what you wish it to be.Do not allow anyone to pull you down,do not give them the satisfaction.

We need to stop focusing too much on the mishaps and bad things that happen to us.Constant fixation on negative things will result in our failure to acknowledge that some good can come out of us and our lives.

If you want meaning and great relationships in your life you have to be willing to work for it.The only problem nowadays is the lack of patience.We want everything the easy way...You have to believe that you deserve that success,because without belief everything that matters to us becomes null and void.

Remember you can touch so many lives just by your presence in a room.By the way you carry yourself....or even the way you handle disappointments,failures and rejection.

We spent too much time worrying about what other people are thinking of us.In the end however,in an effort to please other people,we lose sight of our worth.e do not prepare ourselves for the fact that even though we are trying to be accepted it is not as clear cut as that.....People can simply choose to reject us and that really gets to us.

What do you see when you look in a mirror?Do you like what you see?If not then maybe you are just not spending enough time on the mirror.Look again.Take time to really see yourself.That is you staring back at you and there is only one you.You cannot change that person to suit somebody else.Changing will only lead to devastation.

LOVE YOURSELF.YOU ARE AS GOOD AS IT GETS.Accept that people are different for if we were all the same wouldn't it be a crazy and boring world.Despite failing to live up to even your own expectations you are worth more than you will ever realise.

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